"THIS COAST GUARD CAT NEEDS NINE LIVES — HE CHASES [JAPANESE] TRACER BULLETS: ‘Camouflage,’ the tiger cat mascot of a Coast Guard-manned LST, is a playful fellow. His idea of a rousing good time is to chase [Japanese] tracer bullets, when they burn across the deck of his ship. A tracer would come ping and ‘Camouflage’ would dart from one rail to the other in hot, if futile, pursuit. All this occurred, the cat’s Coast Guard shipmates swear, when [Japanese] planes strafed the LST at Bouganville. The cat’s antics in the heat of those grim moments relieved the tension of the crew. Here, ‘Camouflage,’ a thorough seagoing, wargoing cat, is shown with Coast Guardsman Henry Richmond, Jr., an invasion veteran, of Sheboygan, WIS."

Dated 30 March 1945.

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