Capt. Vernon Castle with their mascot, c. 1920

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A lone Russian violinist atop a tank in the First World War, c. unknown

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An officer of the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) with a dog.

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World War 1 RPPC Postcard - German? Soldier Doberman Mom & Puppies

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A pantomime horse from the Royal Flying Corps Kite and Balloon Section Concert Party production of ‘Cinderella’, takes time out to meet local troops at Bapaume/2 Jan 1918

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A Soviet soldier using a cat as a messenger somewhere in the East. I’m not really sure how reliable that would be, especially when you consider the whole “who the hell do you think you are?” attitude of a cat in comparison to a dog.

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Michael Wittmann and a lil bunny-wabbit friend at Château Elbeuf’s garden.

During the initial formation of the SS-Schwere Abteilung Panzer Battalion 101 they were placed in the south-west area of France at Château Elbeuf. The old commander (SS-Obersturmbannführer Heinz von Westernhagen) of Wittmann’s former unit the 13th SS-Schwere Abteilung was  to command the unit.

Wittmann and his Bride were residing in the Château until Michael was moved further northeast. This served as the honeymoon the couple never had, and a good morale boost that Michael needed.

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Haylee Schimmelpfenneg embraces her father, Sergeant First Class Robert Schimmelpfenneg, after a deployment ceremony for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team in Fort Carson. At the time, the soldier deployment from Fort Carson for Iraq was the greatest since the Vietnam War.

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